Miranda Kerr Topless

Sexy B&W photos of Miranda Kerr topless. The model Miranda Kerr nude poses for the magazine Harper’s Bazaar and confesses to the publication, some secrets of her personal life. According to these sexy pictures, the Australian model likes to be unclothed almost anywhere. I love to take my shoes off and walk on the grass and be naked on the sun. I would love to dive without anything in the ocean. If I do not have to worry about the fact that someone can take the pictures, then I would. I like being naked she says. Miranda Kerr, also speaks of her former partner, actor Orlando Bloom, with whom she still carries a very good friendship. Orlando will always be my family. We get along so well. We went out a lot. We’re a team and really work on that because Flynn is our priority. They are very transparent about everything, she said.

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