Kristen Stewart Nude

Sexy B&W photo of American actress Kristen Stewart posing nude. Kristen Stewart surprised with a nude photo on social networks. One of the most revered photographers in Hollywood is Mario Testino , who through his Instagram account often share photos of their sessions with a famous variety of artistic medium. But not only that, as singers and actresses do not hesitate to pose for minor or completely naked for him. On this occasion, Peru was the envy of thousands of men who are fans of Kristen Stewart, known for her role in the “Twilight” saga. Normally this woman does not tend to show their intimate life in this way, however with Mario Testino she did. The cameraman portrait of a sensual way to the young actress, where only a towel covering part of her body, while one of her hands obscures the right breast. The image already has more than 38,000 “likes” on that network, which instantly became viral.