Alessandra Ambrosio Nude Topless

Sexy photo of Alessandra Ambrosio goes nude topless for a magazine. Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio poses nude for the cover of the French magazine Lui. Alessandra looked sexy with a great body, at the same time, she shared with her followers on social networks, the cover image in which only wears short shorts. The model, one of the best paid in the world according to the magazine Forbes, adds herself to the list of celebrities who have posed for erotic publication. Recall that Rihanna recently posed topless and caused a stir. This is not the first time that the model posed nude, but it is considered that this is one of the sexiest covers.


Alessandra Ambrosio Nude Sexy Photos

Alessandra Ambrosio nude for the Maxim magazine. Alessandra Ambrosio photo exhibits where sunning naked. The model Alessandra Ambrosio shared through his Instagram account a photograph that stole her breath more than one. And in that image, the Brazilian appears completely nude sunning them on the back of a yacht while on holiday. The publication quickly generated a reaction among users of the social network and so far has more than 600 comments where to praise the figure and more than 63,000 “likes”. Currently has more than 8 million followers on their social networks and is one of the women with more fans worldwide and his work as an image of the “Pink ” line of Victoria’s Secret catapulted as a of the most prestigious models. Alessandra Ambrosio is a Brazilian model.

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Super Brazilian top model Alessandra Ambrosio has posed naked for the December issue of the men’s magazine Maxim, which has been named as the sexiest businesswoman 2015. The angel of Victoria’s Secret 34 age old, was left without any clothes, showing her sexy side and showing off her great body, but mostly he quoted from his back. Ambrosio is now one of the highest-paid models and all the disputed designers on the catwalk. So far this year has earned more than $5 million and works for brands like Christian Dior and Rallph Lauren. The model itself has shared a number of photographs of the magazine and got millions of Instagram “likes”.

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