Pamela Anderson Naked

The actress and former “Bunny” Playboy Pamela Anderson stripped in a campaign of PETA ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ) organization. Famous vegetarian, the former star of Baywatch already taken off her clothes in other initiatives of the organization. On this occasion recreated a classic scene from “Psycho Alfred Hitchcock, to warn of waste water in the meat trade in the campaign entitled “Make a splash for the environment try vegan”. The state of California, the most populous US is going through a historic drought and Anderson believes that in addition to the recommendation to take shorter showers, it is necessary to close the tap of animal agriculture. The rivers are diverted, not only for animals but also for crops to feed animals on factory farms, explained Pamela. About the topic, the honorary director of PETA added that “produce a pound of meat requires much water as six months in bathrooms”. Pamela posed for the lens of David LaChapelle. Just a few days another famous, Marisa Miller, posed nude and pregnant for another initiative PETA ago.


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